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ICMR-NIRT lab team in action performing serology testing of the samples collected for
the National serology surveillance to monitor the trend of Sars-CoV-2 Infection transmission.

COVID-19 testing facility at NIRT

ICMR-NIRT was approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research as a COVID-19 testing laboratory on 21st April 2020. NIRT has a team of well-qualified staff and a fully-equipped laboratory for performing RT-PCR tests for detection of SARS-CoV-2. We are committed to doing everything in our capacity to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and offer the best diagnostic services.


National COVID Sero-Surveillance

ICMR-NIRT has completed sample collection for National COVID Sero-survey, which determines if someone has been infected with Corona virus. A total of 24000 blood samples were collected across 60 districts all over India by the staff of National TB Prevalence Survey and the samples will be tested with the COVID-19 Kavach ELISA kits at ICMR-NIRT and ICMR-NIE laboratories.

Similarly, ICMR-NIRT has also collected 6500 blood samples across 13 hotspot cities all over India, for National COVID Sero-survey in Containment Zones, which determines if someone in the Containment Zone has been infected with Coronavirus.


ICMR-Covid-19 Portal

Tamil Nadu Updates

India Updates

Interviews on COVID-19 in DD Pothigai Channel given by:

Dr. G. Narendran, Scientist 'E'  (31/03/2020)

Dr. P K. Bhavani, Scientist 'D'  (01/04/2020)

Dr. S. Sriram, Scientist 'D'  (02/04/2020)


ICMR-PRESS RELEASE : How India ramped up COVID-19 testing capacity

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