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VISION Statement
MISSION Statement


To develop the National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis into:

• a centre of excellence for research in TB

• an opinion leader on TB control policies

• a core facility for training for TB research and control

• a nodal agency for advocacy for TB control in India

• NIRT is mandated by the Indian Council of Medical Research to provide scientific understanding and technologies needed to support the fight against TB

• NIRT supports and promotes Directly Observed Treatment Short-course (DOTS) in the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) of the Government of India by providing better tools and refining existing tools for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of TB through controlled clinical trials and scientific research

• NIRT strives for integrity, quality and relevance of its research by constantly improving its scientific programs through external peer review and competitive funding

• NIRT utilizes tools from clinical, biological and social sciences to understand the parasite, patient and the programme associated with TB

• NIRT recognizes its obligation to patients with TB and promotes and practices the highest standard of patient care in the course of its research activities

• NIRT develops statistically reliable protocols for the evaluation of intervention strategies for the control of TB

• NIRT endeavours to provide excellent training programs to researchers and programme personnel in both basic and clinical sciences

• NIRT aims to bridge the gap between the public establishment and private enterprise, to promote advocacy required for the control of TB

• NIRT is committed to the dissemination of knowledge and leads in the development and use of the technologies needed to synthesize, analyze and disseminate information about TB

• NIRT enters into partnerships with local, national and international agencies to develop sustainable strategies for the control of TB

• NIRT respects the ethical principles associated with research and strives to safeguard its intellectual property rights and protect the rights of others.

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