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Workshop on “Revisiting Drug resistant TB in India through Next Generation Whole genome sequencing:
Lessons learned”

A half a day virtual meeting was conducted at ICMR-NIRT on 'Revisiting Drug resistant TB in India through Next Generation Whole genome sequencing: Lessons learned' on 30 th December, 2020.

ICMR- NIRT has initiated the whole genome sequencing of M. tuberculosis strains since April 2017 through two major studies in partnership with University of Cambridge under the 'The Cambridge-NIRT, Chennai Centre partnership on Antimicrobial resistant tuberculosis (MRC-DBT)' and the other with Centres for Disease Control, Atlanta through the 'Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) Co-operative agreement'. An overview of the two projects were given by Dr. K.R. Uma Devi, Principle Investigator. The findings of the studies were presented by Dr. S. Siva Kumar, Dr. S. Sriram and Dr. K.R. Uma Devi, Scientists from ICMR-NIRT. Dr.S. Siva Kumar presented the major findings of the MRC-DBT partnership study under the title 'Mycobacterium tuberculosis Lineage associated mutations leading to drug resistance' and Dr. S. Sriram presented on the “Capacity building for DR-TB outbreak investigations' that was developed through the GHSA Co-operative agreement with CDC. Dr. K. R. Uma Devi presented on the 'Nationwide WGS data on drug resistance tuberculosis” based on the findings from GHSA Co-Ag. The findings from the studies were well received by the participants. The meeting was attended by stakeholders from Central TB Division, WHO Program Officers and Consultants, Directors of all the National Reference Laboratories in India, Members of Scientific Advisory Committee of ICMR-NIRT, Collaborators, the State TB Officer of Tamil Nadu, the District TB Officer of Chennai, Superintendent of Government Hospital-Tambaram, FIND India Officers and by the Doctors and Heads of the various Divisions at ICMR-NIRT. The panel discussion was chaired by Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, WHO and Dr. Patrick Moonan, CDC, Atlanta. The recommendations in the meeting was to have an in-depth analysis of the data presented with a translation value in focus. It was also suggested to develop a Clinical Epidemiology Consortium with experts of this field and plan studies using M.tb WGS data storage and analysis. The meeting ended with the vote of thanks by Dr. K. R. Uma Devi.


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HRQoL Training Programme

A one-day training programme for the study entitled “Latent class analysis of Health Related Quality of Life of TB patients during and post treatment in a Longitudinal Design” was conducted by the Department of Statistics on 1st December, 2020.  The training was attended by scientific and technical staff of the Departments of Statistics, Health Economics, Clinical Research and Electronic Data Processing Unit.

Dr. C. Padmapriyadarsini, Director, ICMR-NIRT inaugurated the program and highlighted the importance of research projects under taken by the Department of Statistics. During the course of the training, the study proposal was briefly introduced. The training also covered topics on data collection and data management in Redcap, supervision, monitoring and documentation. Mock interviews were conducted by the study team.



As per the instruction issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, the staff of ICMR-NIRT, Chennai participated in the reading of the Preamble at 11 AM on 26th November as part of the “Constitution Day” celebration.

A lecture was given by Dr. B.M. Shrinivasa, Scientist ‘B’ of the institute on “Brief introduction to Constitution of India with special mention of Fundamental Right to Health Care” and many senior staff of the institute joined the meeting virtually.


ICMR Workshop for Writing Effective Policy Briefs

A virtual Workshop on “Writing Effective Policy Briefs” on November 19th, 2020 was conducted.

The Workshop began with Dr C. Padmapriyadarsini, Director of ICMR-NIRT, welcoming the participants and introducing the speakers of the Workshop. The Director pointed out the necessity and importance of Policy Briefs for research and mentioned that scientists from various disciplines like Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Clinical Research, Immunology, Pharmacology, Epidemiology, Health Economics, Statistics and Socio-behavioural Science, who are working for Tuberculosis research have been included as participants for the workshop. The first speaker, Dr Rajni Kant,  Scientist G  & Director, ICMR-RMRC, Gorakhpur and & Head, RMPPC, ICMR Hqrs, New Delhi, delivered lecture on significance of writing policy briefs in health research and introduced the components of policy brief and the ways to structure the policy briefs for ICMR. The next speaker Dr. Laura Downey, from Imperial College, London, discussed about the importance of evidence-based Policy briefs and the need of policy brief in having effective policies implemented in health sector across India.   Following the talk, the next speaker, Dr. Sanghamitra Pati Scientist G & Director, ICMR-RMRC Bhubaneswar, explained in detail about the various components of the policy briefs, such as, evidence generation, synthesis and collation, translation, role of stakeholders, and the target audience. Besides discussing on the ways of bridging the gap between researcher and policy makers, effective writing of policy briefs were also discussed.  The final speaker, Dr. Neethi Rao, Health Policy & Systems Research Consultant, Bengaluru, briefed about policy entrepreneurs and how to build the body of credibility for policy briefs. In the final session of the workshop, online exercise towards understanding and evaluation of policy briefs was held apart from an interactive session between the participants and the speakers. The workshop concluded with vote of thanks by the Director.


Vigilance Awareness Week 2020
27/10/2020 to 02/11/2020

As per the instruction issued by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), "Vigilance Awareness Week" is being observed from 27th October, 2020 to 2nd November, 2020 at ICMR-NIRT, Chennai.  Accordingly the Integrity Pledge was administered by Dr Hemanth Kumar, Vigilance Officer of ICMR-NIRT on 27th October, 2020 to the senior officials and staff of the institute, in the presence of Dr.C.Padmapriyadarsini, Director of the institute. The staff vowed to work with utmost honesty and transparency. Posters were put up in multiple places within the campus of the institute to reiterate the message of eradicating corruption and maintaining highest standards of integrity and good governance. The theme for this year's "Vigilance Awareness Week" is "Satark Bharat, Samriddh Bharat" (Vigilant India, Prosperous India).


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Jan Andolan for COVID-19 Campaign



Awareness session on infection control practices & personal protective measures
12/03/2020 - 17/03/2020

Awareness sessions on infection control practices and personal protective measures were conducted in multiple split groups to all the staff of ICMR-NIRT on 12.03.2020, 13.03.2020, 16.03.2020 and 17.03.2020. The staff were educated about appropriate hand hygiene, cough etiquette, infection control and prevention practices using educational materials from World Health Organisation, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Video by the Tamil Nadu Government.


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Research Dissemination Meeting

A TB Research Dissemination Meeting was conducted at ICMR- NIRT, Chennai on 11th March, 2020 in commemoration of World TB Day. The meeting was attended by the Joint Director-TB of the State Govt., all stakeholders and collaborators including DTOs, faculties of various medical colleges, ART Medical Officers and WHO Consultants, who are involved in our clinical studies. There was a brief presentation about completed Clinical and Lab studies of ICMR-NIRT. The presentations were mainly focused on ICMR-NIRT's contributions to the National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme, so far and the future plans to achieve TB elimination. The collaborators also insisted to prioritize our future research studies on some of the key areas like Latent TB Infection, Primary Chemotherapy and modified regime for TB patients with Co-morbidities. They also emphasized that more Socio-behavioural research to be undertaken focussing on multipronged strategies and interventions for TB patients with alcohol and smoking habits. The meeting helped to disseminate our research activities to the stakeholders and collaborators which would help in strengthening ICMR-NIRT's partnership with the State Govt. in enhancing our research activities in future.


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TB Awareness Campaign at Vellore

As part of TB Awareness Campaign, ICMR-NIRT-Vellore Sub Centre at Government Vellore Medical College & Hospital in Adukkamparai organised two TB Awareness Camps on 3rd March, 2020 for Indian Bank employees, GVMCH Branch and on 6th March, 2020 for the Housekeeping Staff and Patients at the ART PLUS Centre, GVMCH. Around 30 Patients and 60 staff members including Bank Manager & Manager of Housekeeping Staff attended the camp. Medical Officer and Staff of ICMR-NIRT delivered talks on TB, Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus covering various topics including early symptoms and signs, prevention measures, etc. Emphasis was also placed on the need to adhere to medication and regular check-up. Importance of nutritious diet, exercise and avoidance of smoking and alcohol were also emphasized. Following this, participant interactive session was also organised to clarify doubts regarding TB, hypertension and Diabetes mellitus. Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar levels were also tested for the Bank and Housekeeping staff who participated in the camp.



TB Awareness Programme
Organised by the Department of Social and Behavioural Research (DSBR) - 27/02/2020

Awareness among Students :

A TB awareness programme was organized in Zamar Matriculation Higher Secondary School by the Department of Social and Behavioural Research-ICMR-NIRT on 27/02/2020. The programme aimed to enrich the knowledge of TB among school children. The main theme of the programme was:-

• What is TB?
• What is the cause of TB?          
• What are the symptoms?
• How it is transmitted?
• What are the preventive measures?
• Where to go for diagnosing and treatment?
• Is TB treatment free?
• Is TB curable?     
• Is TB hereditary?
• Who are at risk?

The programme began with welcome address given by Mrs. Chandra Suresh, followed by a brief dialogue on TB. Social Work students performed a street play on TB and then, animation movies on TB were also played for the students. A brief interaction was organised between the staff of ICMR-NIRT (DSBR) and the school students. The staff of ICMR-NIRT (DSBR) clarified all the doubts of students on TB. After completing all the formal events, Mr Murugesan P conducted an oral assessment on TB to know the effectiveness of the programme. It was very interesting to know that the students were able to give answers to the questions raised by the staff of ICMR-NIRT (DSBR).

Awareness for Commuters :

TB Awareness Programme was organized at Kilpauk Metro Station, Bus Stop, and Chetpet Railway Station by the Department of Social and Behavioural Research-ICMR-NIRT along with the Intern students from Mercy College, Palakkad, Kerala, on 26 th and 28 th February, 2020. The campaign was organised to create awareness among the commuters about TB. The programme was inaugurated by Dr Srikanth Prasad Tripathy, Scientist ‘G' & Director-in-charge of ICMR-National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis (NIRT). ICMR-NIRT (DSBR) staff and Intern students approached the public randomly and gave smiley badges, badges with END-TB note along with the pamphlets which describe the treatment of TB. ICMR-NIRT (DSBR) staff and intern students delivered a brief message to the commuters individually on TB-cause, spread, symptoms, where TB is diagnosed and treated and the fact that TB is curable. They also gave a brief on preventive measures and the need to treat TB patients with dignity, as anyone who breath air is at risk for TB. Through this programme, more than 100 commuters were benefitted and aware about TB including Auto Drivers, Street Vendors, school-going students, Office Staff, etc. The programme provided a great opportunity to demystify the public myths and misconceptions about TB.


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TB Awareness Camp at Vellore
20/02/2020 - 21/02/2020

On the occasion of World TB Day-2020, NIRT-Vellore sub-centre at Government Vellore Medical College & Hospital in Adukamparai organised two camps on 20th and 21st February, 2020. On 20th February 2020, TB awareness camp was held for the staff of Adukkamparai Panchayath Office in their premises and on 21st February 2020, a similar camp was organised for the staff of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board sub-station at Sathumadurai. In both the camps about 80 staff members including AEE and AE attended. Medical Officer and Staff of ICMR-NIRT delivered talks on TB, Hypertension and Diabetes mellitus covering various topics including early symptoms and signs, prevention measures, etc. Emphasis was also placed on the need to adhere to medication and regular check-up. Importance of nutritious diet, exercise and avoidance of smoking and alcohol was also emphasized. Following the lecture, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Height and Weight details for participants were collected. A participant interactive session was also organised to clarify queries and doubts of the participants.



TB Awareness Programme
Venue: Venba Trust,Tailoring unit, Washermenpet, Chennai.
No of Participants: 26

As part of TB day observation, Department of Social and Behavioural Research-NIRT reached out to the unreached population through awareness programs using different methods and gadgets.

We are planning to conduct awareness programs in different area among different communities for a whole month prior to TB day. As the first step, we conducted Tuberculosis awareness program at Thondiarpet.

TB awareness talk:
In the TB awareness program, Ms Chandra suresh talked about the basic facts of Tuberculosis, the modes of TB spread, the organs affect by TB bacteria and those that are not affected by TB. She also explained about the diagnosis and prognosis methods of TB, and provided information on preventing Tuberculosis.

As a special agenda Villupaattu was organized to create awareness on TB. It has conducted by Mr. Murugesan and team in the traditional method. Most of the participants actively interacted, lot of questions were raised and all the questions were clarified by the team.

Documentary movie:
Kanne Kanmaniye an excellent documentary movie on Tuberculosis was screened. Participants enjoyed watching the documentary film. They showed interest and involvement in the documentary film.  It was really a wonderful thing to reach the illiterate people too.

Doubt clarification: Doubt clarification session was conducted towards the end of the programme.   Ms.Chandra Suresh and Ms. Kalaiselvi handled the interactive session.  Participants actively raised questions and clarified their doubts.

Vote of Thanks:
At the end of the session vote of thanks was given by Mr. Murugesan.





ICMR-NIRT Short Film



‘‘Good Clinical Practice' &  ‘Good Clinical Laboratory Practice - Orientation Workshop''

“National Institute of Research in Tuberculosis (NIRT), Chennai in collaboration with Clinical Development Services Agency (CDSA), Faridabad organized a   ‘‘Good Clinical Practice' &  ‘Good Clinical Laboratory Practice - Orientation Workshop''   at ICMR-NIRT, on January 09, 2020. About 50 participants from various study sites were participated in this certification workshop. The interactive sections covered   Overview of GCP, Informed Consent Process, Good Documentation Practices / Record keeping and data handling, Roles and responsibilities of an Investigator, Sponsor, Monitor, Challenges in completing the Source data Template (CRFs) & Study Logs, Data Management in REDCap for DEOs,   Safety reporting and SAE reporting forms completion   and Good Clinical & Laboratory Practices for Lab Technicians .”



Workshop on ArcGIS Desktop + Spatial Analysis + Geo-Statistical Analysis
21/01/2020 to 23/01/2020

A Workshop on ArcGIS Desktop + Spatial Analysis + Geo-Statistical Analysis was conducted by the Division of Epidemiology Statistics, ICMR-NIRT with experts from Geo Technologies, India between 21st to 23rd January, 2020. About 30 participants attended, which included staff of NIRT, MPH students from Tamilndu Dr. MGR Medical University and ICMR-NIE and final year B.Sc., Statistics students from DRBCC Hindu College, Pattabiram . The participants had a hands on experience on using the ArcGIS Desktop.




Internship course on “Biostatistics in Health Research”
02/01/2020 to 20/01/2020

Divisions of Epidemiology Statistics and Electronic Data Processing, ICMR-NIRT conducted a two week internship course on “Biostatistics in Health Research” for 10 students from the DRBCC Hindu College, Pattabiram, Chennai from 2nd to 20th January, 2020.

The students were oriented on the applications of statistical principles and methods in health research. An introduction to epidemiological research designs and survival analysis was also given. The students had a hands on experience in using statistical softwares like R and SPSS. They also were taught to create data entry forms in Epi Info.





Republic Day Celebrations 2020



A pre-conference workshop on Research Methodology was jointly organized by Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine, Tambaram Sanatorium, Chennai and ICMR-National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis, Chennai on 20 th December, 2019 a s part of the 74 th NATCON. A total of 34 participants attended the workshop which included Doctors and Post Graduate Medical students. The faculty included current and former Scientists from ICMR-NIRT, Chennai, ICMR-NIE, Chennai, Socio-behavioural Science Expert from NGO and former Scientist from ICMR Head Quarters.

The participants were sensitized about literature review, research question, study objectives, study designs, sample size and sampling, data collection and management, ethics in clinical research, presentation of data, preparation of abstracts and manuscript writing. There was an interactive session between the Experts and the participants on the research priorities focussing towards TB elimination in India. The focus areas suggested by the participants and Experts were follows:

•  Community preparedness and awareness

•  Active case findings in high risk groups

•  Involvement of private sector in TB notification and treatment completion

•  Development of non-invasive point-of-care test for TB

•  Use of Artificial Intelligence Technology for TB diagnosis, treatment adherence

The workshop concluded with the distribution of certificates to the participants.


Third Dr. V. Kumaraswami Endowment Lecture
26th August, 2019

The third edition of Dr. V. Kumaraswami Endowment Lecture was delivered as part of our Institutional academic event along with the 63rd Annual Day Celebrations of ICMR-NIRT on 26th August, 2019 in memory of Dr. V. Kumaraswami. 

Dr. Srikanth Tripathy, Director-in-Charge, ICMR-NIRT welcomed the gathering and introduced the speaker Dr. Subash Babu, a close associate of Dr. V. Kumaraswami. Padma Sri. Dr. K.V. Thiruvengadam, a teacher and Mentor of Dr. V. Kumaraswami conveyed his blessings and good wishes for the occasion through Dr. S. Rajasekaran.  The  Third Dr.V.K. Endowment lecture was delivered by Dr. Subash Babu, M.B.B.S., Ph.D., Scientific Director, NIH-ICER, NIRT, Chennai. The topic of his presentation was ‘Filariasis, tuberculosis and diabetes: My collaborations with Dr. V. Kumaraswami'.  Senior retired staff of ICMR-NIRT and friends and colleagues of Dr. V Kumaraswami attended and graced the function. After the oration, a memento was presented to Dr. Subash Babu by Dr. Srikanth Prasad Tripathy. 

The program concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Mohan Natrajan, Head of the Dept. of Clinical Research, ICMR-NIRT.

The video coverage of the event is available in the link: https://youtu.be/XOxPhr93k3Q





47th Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting
25th - 26th November, 2019









Vigilance Awareness Week
28th October - 2nd November, 2019



Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Pledge
31st October 2019




Memorandum of understanding between ICMR- National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis (NIRT), Chennai and Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)
25th September 2019

A Memorandum of Understanding is signed between NIRT and VIT to contribute in relevant resources with the following objectives on 25th Sep 2019.   

  Both the Institutes after considering their objectives, strengths and have agreed

•  To have an understanding for collaboration in Tuberculosis drug discovery from natural resources and organic synthesis

•  Extending the instrumentation facility mutually for both researchers and faculty in both the institutions to carry out the said work in     drug discovery

•  Publish papers and generate IPR benefitting both the Institutions.

  A group of senior scientists from NIRT including Dr. Umadevi, Scientist E; Dr Luke Elizabeth Hanna, Scientist E; Dr C Ponnuraja, Scientist E; Dr N Saravanan Scientist D and Dr M Muniyandi, Scientist D have visited VIT on behalf of Director in Charge Dr. Srikanth P Tripathy who is instrumental behind this event.

The Chancellor of VIT Dr. G Viswanathan has interacted with the scientists enthusiastically and had been proactive in bringing this MoU.

Dr N Saravanan scientist D, Department of Biochemistry, NIRT and Dr Anand Anbarasu, Professor, Medical & Biological Computing Laboratory, VIT were coordinating this important event.

After successful completion of this process a copy of the MoU has been handed over to Dr. Srikanth P Tripathy, Director in Charge, NIRT


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Inauguration of the National TB Prevalence Survey of India
25th September 2019

Inauguration of the National TB Prevalence Survey of India on 25th September 2019 at New Delhi by Honourable Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr.Harsha Vardhan and Prof. Balram Bhargava, Secretary DHR and ICMR, Ms. Preeti Sudan, Secretary (H&FW), Govt if India in the presence of Dr. K.S. Sachdeva, DDG TB, Central TB Division, MoHFW and Dr. Henk Bekedam, WHO Representative to India and Dr.Srikanth Tripathy,Director, NIRT, Chennai.





launch of LIMS in Biochemistry
29th August 2019

“Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory, Department of Biochemistry has launched Laboratory Information Management System to ensure accurate and rapid dissemination of quality data to respective project investigators for the effective critical care and for the health management of their volunteers. The LIMS allows the Head of the Departmen t to communicate indicative alterations in clinical biochemistry to the individual PIs, so that unnecessary delay due to conventional reporting procedures will be avoided. The PIs will get the clinical biochemistry status of their patients with in 2-4 hours after the submission of samples to the Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory, which is very important for critical care management. The renovated Clinical Biochemistry facility was officially inaugurated by the Dr Srikanth P Tripathy, Director in Charge, NIRT and the LIMS facility was officially launched by Dr Mohan Natarajan, Head, Clinical Division on 29th Aug. 2019. Dr N. Saravanan, Head, Department of Biochemistry, staff members of laboratory and members form other divisions also present during the event” 


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63rd Annual Day Celebration @ ICMR-NIRT
26th August 2019

The 63rd Annual Day of ICMR-NIRT was celebrated with pomp and splendour with a simplistic agenda. The Director-in-charge, Dr. Srikanth Tripathy welcomed the Chief Guest after the invocation. The Director-in-charge thanked the current and the past Director Generals of ICMR who have guided us in this journey that has helped this institution to put their stamp in TB research anywhere in the world. This was followed by the Chief Guest Dr. A. Mahilmaran, Director and Professor of Pulmonology, Madras Medical College, Chennai, addressing the staff of ICMR-NIRT.

Both the heads of the institutions, in their respective speeches, highlighted the path that has to be travelled, the road that has been taken and the achievements that have helped our prestigious institution to breach all obstacles in our constant quest to conquer TB. This was once again reiterated by Dr. G. Narendran, the rapporteur and Chairman of the Annual Day Committee.

Twelve of the staff who had completed 25 years of memorable and meritorious service were felicitated followed by a short cultural programme for an hour mixed with poetry, puppet show, singing and dancing, taking the audience by surprise and resounding happiness

The committee members and the administration were thanked by Dr. L. Sekar for their support and cooperation. The programme ended saluting the “Bharat Matha” with the National Anthem.


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Annual Day Celebration @ ICMR-NIRT Madurai Unit
29th August 2019

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Independence Day Celebrations @ ICMR-NIRT
15th August 2019

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Orientation workshop on Health Technology Assessment in Tamil Nadu
29th June 2019

A one day workshop on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Tamil Nadu was conducted on 29th June 2019 at National Health Mission, DMS Annex Building, DMS Campus, Teynampet, Chennai for providing orientation to the state health officials of Tamil Nadu on HTA. The workshop was o rganized by Regional Resource Centre for HTAIn, ICMR-NIRT and National Health Mission (NHM), Tamil Nadu. The participants from TNMSC, NHM-Tamil Nadu, TNHSRP, TANSACS, DPH & PM, Greater Chennai Corporation and DM & RHS attended the meeting. Resource persons from DHR, MoHFW New Delhi, Regional Resource Centre for HTAIn, ICMR-NIRT, Chennai and IIT Madras facilitated the workshop. Dr. G Jerard Maria Selvam, Deputy Director (NHM) welcomed all the participants and explained about expectations from the workshop. Dr. Srikanth Prasad Tripathy, Director-In-Charge, ICMR-NIRT, Chennai welcomed the participants and addressed the participants on the importance of HTA. Professor V. Muraleedharan gave overview on HTA in India in the context of universal health coverage. Dr. M Muniyandi, Coordinator, Regional Resource Centre, ICMR-NIRT explained about the role of ICMR-NIRT HTAIn. Dr. Kirti Tyagi and Dr. Aamir Sohail from HTAIn Secretariat, Department of Health Research, MoHFW, New Delhi presented about the DHR initiatives on HTA in India and gave Introduction on Economic Evaluation and Decision Modelling. Participants discussed on the potential role of HTA from their departmental and programme perspective. At the end of the workshop it was decided to create a working group for HTA in Tamil Nadu with the participation of all attending official. Every participant provided one potential topic for conducting HTA in Tamil Nadu. It was decided to create communication group for all attendees of the workshop to facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas to develop HTA proposals. The workshop ended with vote of thanks by Dr N Karikalan, Scientist-B, ICMR-NIRT.




Sensitization Workshop on National TB Prevalence Survey
23rd May 2019

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Swachhta Pledge
1st October 2019



5th International Yoga Day celebrations at ICMR-National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis, Chennai
21st June, 2019

The 5th International Yoga day Day was celebrated not with pomp and splendour but with dedication and devotion, marked by serenity and feeling of oneness - which is the meaning of Yoga, to raise awareness about the benefits of Yoga in daily life, balancing the body, soul and mind. Dr. G. Narendran welcomed the clinical and other department staff who had eagerly gathered to perform Yoga and perceive the changes that occurs real time, vividly demonstrated by the Yoga expert from Krishnamachari Yogamandiram therapist Mr. T.N. venkatesan who took the practice to great heights with not only a clear and succinct explanation but also making the staff realise that simple manoeuvres can mobilise the soul to eternity.

It has been the practice to celebrate the International Yoga Day for the past 5 years and Dr. Mohan Natrajan, on behalf of the institution added institution added that it was the Prime Minister's cherished dream to conquer oneself and raise beyond caste, creed and religion. It was the practice of the soul which rises above these and concentrates on unity among diversity. He also explained the theme of Yoga for climate action.

Mr. Gopal then continued as a respectable teacher in his speech that had a fine blend of humour, poetry and science. There was again a separate demonstration of Manavalakalai Yoga group headed by Mr. Ramachandran and Mrs. Girijalakshmi that performed specialised yoga in front of a large audience headed by Mr. Ramachandran and Mrs.Girijalakshmi .

The volunteers who helped in organising the function , Dr. Vignesh, Dr. Keerthana , and Dr. Dhanalakshmi, along with the entire clinic staff led by Mrs. Gunasundari, Photographic support by Mr. Murugesan and the arrangements done by caretaker Mr. Ravi and Mr. loganathan along with the staff of the offices of the Director and HOD clinic Clinic deserves special mention .  

Mr. Gopakumar delivered the vote of thanks and the session concluded around 11.00 am.

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Training on Modelling in Economic Evaluation for Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
18th May 2019

The workshop on “Training on Modelling in Economic Evaluation for Health Technology Assessment (HTA)” was organized by Department of Health Economics, ICMR-NIRT from 14 th to 18th May 2019. The facilitators of the workshop are Dr Kavitha Rajsekar, Dr. Malkeet Singh and Ms Kirti Tyagi from HTAIn Secretariat, Department of Health Research, New Delhi and Dr Akashdeep Singh from School of Public Health, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh. The participants of the workshop are from State Government of Tamil Nadu, ICMR-National Institute for Epidemiology, University of Madras, SRM Institute of Science and Technology and ICMR-NIRT. During the inauguration Director-In-Charge acknowledged the importance of capacity building in the area of Health Economics and he emphasise more people to be trained in this area. He also suggested to initiate online Health Economics course to medical professional to understand the cost-effectiveness of interventions. This programme covered introduction and need of HTA; basics of health economics; economic evaluations; concept of comparator- perspective, time horizon, cycle length; concept of quality of life (QALYs, DALYs); costing and cost analysis; decision tree; markov model; simulation of graphic model in to mathematical model using Excel and introduction to sensitivity analysis. This training also covered extensive hands on training and exercise to everyone to create a new model for their proposed topics. Overall the training benefited the participants the overview and hands on training in economics modelling in health technology assessment.



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