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IN-CXR: An open dataset of Chest Radiography



Human adult chest radiography across the geography of India was done as part of the National Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey conducted during 2019-21

The available x-rays (postero anterior view) are grouped as either (i) normal or (ii) abnormal datasets and are made available for appropriate use.

Description and Purpose:

•  ICMR-National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis has developed the IN-CXR dataset

•  The images are published in DICOM format and can be viewed using any DICOM Viewer Software

•  The dataset may be used for developing tools by using a Machine learning (ML) / Deep learning (DL) algorithm and as a training tool

Whether as a researcher, a developer, or a medical professional, the dataset may provide a solid foundation to advance Artificial Intelligence capabilities in Radiology.

Join us in revolutionizing healthcare through AI innovation; together, we can drive advancements in radio diagnostics and contribute to better patient care

Access guidance: Click to register and access the dataset.




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