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At NIRT, we do conduct, Journal Club, which is considered as an integral part of our academic activity within the institute to improve the understanding and knowledge base and to bring in more clarity on our research focus. Scientists at different levels and various disciplines do participate and they present their interested topics of research and initiate thought provoking questions and create an ambience for all possible collaborations within them. Besides, new proposals which are developed by principal investigators also make use of this forum to develop their protocols and to be reviewed by the senior scientists. This will be conducted every Wednesday afternoon between 2.00 to 3.00 pm. Besides NIRT scientists, we also had the privilege to accommodate invited speakers from both national and internationally renowned speakers to reach out our scientists with their novel findings.

We wish to emphasize, the value of the talks at the Journal Club and the importance of attendance for all meetings. Please ensure that every one of you engage and participate, not only for the talks of people in your own field but also those of other field of research.

NIRT Journal Club-2021

NIRT Journal Club-2020-2021

NIRT Journal Club-2019-2020

NIRT Journal Club-2017-2018

List of invited guest speakers – NIRT Journal Club

Sl. No.


Invited Speaker


Presentation Title

1 27/10/15

Dr. Philip J. Bergin Ph.D.

Imperial College London -UK Mucosal Immunology – in HIV Patients
2 27/11/15 Dr. Amit Singahal, Ph.D., ASTAR - Singapore Understanding the Immune Response to TB-
3 12/01/16 Prof. Sir. Tom Blundell, Ph.D, Cambridge –UK

Genomes, structural Biology and understanding Anti microbial resistance

4 20/01/15

Dr. Roy Santhosam MD.,

Santhosam TB chest Hospital –Chennai . CT guided Biopsies in Chest-
5 18/02/16

Dr. Mr. Jaskiran Singh,

OCICB, NIAID-USA. Clinical Research data Management tools
6 29/06/16 Dr. N.C. Jain, Ph.D., ICMR, Delhi. Trends in biomedical Communication

Dr. Ujjwal Neogi, Ph.D.,

Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Anti-retro viral therapy –Future prospective

Dr. Venkata Ramano Roa, Ph.D

Karalinska Institute- Sweden
In vitro lung tissue model

Dr. Khesav Prasad. Ph.D.

IOB, Bangalore.
Genomic and proteomic approach in biotechnology Research-
10 22/08/16 Dr. Christine Wanke , Ph.D. Broad Institute, USA Nutrition and inflammation in HIV


Dr. Vivek Kapur
Penn state University, USA
Accelerating control programs for mycobacterial diseases in livestock
Dr. Martin Vordermeier

Animal and Plant Health Agency – Addlestone, Surrey, UK

BCG vaccination and DIVA test: two sides of the same coin
Prof. Lalitha Ramakrishnan
Cambridge University-UK
Overcoming bacterial tolerance for TB treatment shortening
14 10/02/17 Dr. Amita Gupta Johns Hopkins University-USA Conduct of Indo US TB trials and cohort studies: opportunities for advancing TB science
15 07/03/17 Dr. Kelly Dooley , MD, PhD Johns Hopkins University - USA Optimizing new and existing drugs to treat childhood TB
Dr. Santha Devi T
Ex- Scientist NIRT
Principles of Chemotherapy Established through Clinical Trials for TB at National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis
17 29/03/17 Dr. Manjula Datta Ex-Scientist of NIRT Measuring the burden of TB
18 11/07/17 Dr. Balamurugan K Staff scientist, NCI-NIH, Fredrick – USA The CEBPD  transcription factor at the cross roads of hypoxia, inflammation and cancer
Dr. Soumya Chatterjee, MD
Saint Louis University , St. Louis , MO-USA
Discovery and Characterization of a Novel Mycobacterial-specific CD4+ Memory T cell
20 01/08/17 Dr. Bagawan Das,  Ph.D SRM university, Katangulathur, Chennai Big Data and its applications
21 01/08/17 Dr. Prof.  Andrea Cooper MD University of Leicester , UK T cells and TB: friends or foes
22 15/11/17 Dr. Santosh Deshpande Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital , Chennai Dengue – The Myths and Reality

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